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Custom Assessments. Professional Development.


Introducing our Book: Create Aha! Moments, Tips for Teachers

This book was authored by members of the Psychometric Solutions Team and was designed with educators in mind. 

Read Excerpts from the book HERE.


Introducing our Second Book: Create Aha! Moments, Tips for Learners

This book was authored by members of the Psychometric Solutions Team and was designed with students and lifelong learners in mind.


We equip you to make data-driven decisions for meaningful impact.

Our experienced team develops innovations at the interface of research design, measurement, online assessment, psychology, cognitive science, web technology, and statistics. 

We create custom assessments, deliver graphic results and teach our clients. You are empowered, to make intelligent choices, with accurate information.

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Our Solutions

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Business Solutions

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Education Solutions


Why Choose Us?
Your Business Decisions depend on Your Data Quality

We seek to understand the challenges you face and create custom solutions that work. 

Expert Consultants

Our team of consultants has a proven track record of success with clients from around the globe.

Innovative Ideas

Able to see the big picture and visualize solutions, our experts use data and creativity to innovate. 

Our Consultants
Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives & Goals

As we strive to understand your desired outcomes and points of pain: We invest time asking questions, listening attentively, analyzing intelligently, and discussing our interpretations with you. 

We provide:

  • HR Metrics
  • Assessment Effectiveness Audits
  • Customer/Patient Experience Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Student Engagement Surveys
  • Professional Development
  • Online Assessments
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Comprehensive Solutions for Education

Our Education Solutions include: 

  • Skill Building Workshops for Teachers
  • Skill Building Workshops for Principals
  • Teacher and Staff Engagement Surveys to positively transform the school culture
  • Support for PLC’s (Professional Learning Communities)
  • Psychometric Services for delivering online assessments
  • Student Engagement Survey with “I Belong and I Matter Indices”
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